Living in Exile - 2/9/21

Living in Exile - 2/9/21

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Psalm 132:1-5 (MSG)

O God, remember David,

    remember all his troubles!

And remember how he promised God,

    made a vow to the Strong God of Jacob,

“I’m not going home,

    and I’m not going to bed,

I’m not going to sleep,

    not even take time to rest,

Until I find a home for God,

    a house for the Strong God of Jacob.”

In the words of Eugene Peterson

Psalm 132 is one of the oldest psalms in the Bible. It is a psalm of David’s obedience. It shows obedience as a lively, adventurous response of faith that is rooted in historical fact and reaches into a promised hope.

This history is important, for without it we are at the mercy of whims. Memory is a databank we use to evaluate our position and make decisions. With a biblical memory we have 2000 years of experience from which to make the off-the-cuff responses that are required each day in the life of faith. If we're going to live adequately and maturely as people of god, we need more data to work from than our own experience can give us. A Christian who has David in his bones, Jeremiah in his bloodstream, Paul in his fingertips, and Christ in his heart will know how much and how little value to put on his own momentary feelings and the experience of the past week.


Father God, help us to realize that you long to dwell richly in us and with us - always. There is nothing that we can do, make or deny that will take away your longing for connection with us. Remind us that we have willingly accepted and acknowledged you as Lord of our life. Just as you are preparing a place for us, let us prepare a place for you in our life. Let us remember. Let us be obedient. Amen.

Keep the Faith ~ Pastor Art

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